Who we are?

Who we are?

We are a company with 30 years of experience in the global commercialization of food and raw materials in the agri-food sector. We contribute day by day bringing quality food to the world’s homes. We work closely with our business partners to access global markets.

We participate in the value chain working with small, medium, and large food producers. Directly in the field, we are involved in the correct process of planting, handling, harvesting, and packaging our products.

SanDom Commodities

At SanDom Commodities we contribute to the agri-food supply chain to bring food with high quality and safety standards to any home in the world, responding to the needs demanded by the market and offering competitive, innovative, and sustainable commodities.


We are a company specialized in the trade of food commodities. We are committed to producing healthy foods; we offer a complete range of products of the highest quality, such as milk powder and dairy products, grains, seeds, and raw materials for the agri-food industry and the food sector.

Dairy Products
For more than 31 years, we have been working with our business partner FONTERRA COOPERATIVE GROUP to meet our customers' needs and the food industry.
At SanDom we have successfully developed the opening of trade routes and markets to commercialize grains such as black bean, pinto, red, and peruvian. Bean is a millennial food that has been a pillar of food in America. Its consumption has increased significantly in the world for its nutritional content and benefits.
We work directly with associations of local Chickpeas producers in North America for commercialization around the world.
SanDom is the protagonist in the growth in the world consumption of chickpea.
We are promoters of this food as a natural and high protein alternative.
Rice for table consumption and as raw material for industrial food and beverage processes has been increasing in demand worldwide.
At SanDom, we have developed a safe, efficient, and quality supply chain with rice mills in South America.
Rice (Parboiled), white rice, and rice for industrial processes such as brewing.
SanDom has a broad relationship with sugar mills worldwide, with the logistical capacity to operate sugar in general cargo on ships and container operations.
This ancient food endemic to Mayan culture, and originating in Mexico, is considered a SUPERFOOD.
We have the supply capacity of organic and traditional Chia.

Why SanDom?

30 Years
of experience
in International Trading of AgriFood Commodities
$2.1 Billion
Trade executed
We negotiate with
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development to our


Sustainable production
We actively participate by reducing the use of water and chemical agents for food production. We encourage food crops and organic products.
At SanDom we protect our planet from minimizing climate change by focusing on efficiently our logistics chain, creating shorter trade routes by reducing Co2's footprint on our products.
Social responsability
Since our company was founded, SanDom has been working hand to hand with those most in need. We provide direct training to smallholder farmers in America.
Fair trade
Women are a very important part of our business model. Our company trains and supports women in their personal, family, and professional development.
Development of native communities
With projects dedicated to strength and preserve the values, traditions, and culture of indigenous peoples, SanDom has witnessed native communities' progress in America.

SanDom Logistics

At SanDom Logistics we focus on the international trade of food products with the global experience of food and raw materials in the sector.

At SanDom Logistics we are convinced of continuous improvement in our operations to make them more efficient, implementing strategies that translate into better conditions for all our clients, and ensuring peace of mind as well as safety through care at each stage of our logistics process.

Experience and knowledge
in logistics management

Maritime, land and rail
We have a presence
on 5 continents
with an extensive network of suppliers
and customers globally.

SanDom Agro

At Santo Domingo Agro we understand that sustainable practices throughout the production chain can vary according to geography and culture, which is why we have developed an organic avocado production model that meets global standards and certifications.
Within the development of our products, social awareness is always of great importance and something which we instill in all our collaborators.

SanDom Fertilizers

In Santo Domingo Fertilizers we have the best products to nourish your crops. Experts in the commercialization of fertilizers and chemical products.

SanDom Mining and Construction

In Santo Domingo Mining and Construction we offer integral solutions for the construction and cement industry.
The best products for Mining and Construction.

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